Frequently Asked Questions

What about the price I pay for my electricity?

Neighbourhood Energy offers government gazetted tariffs with a 10% Pay-On-Time discount.


How do you calculate estimated billing?

Estimated bills are based on historical usage information for your supply address provided by your network distribution company and are reconciled on receipt of an actual meter read.


What about reliability of supply, service, blackouts etc?

Electricity shall be provided by the same poles and wires as before and shall be continued to be maintained by your local distribution business. You should expect the same level of reliability and service. If you do experience a blackout, you will need to phone your network company. Your network company is listed on your bill. Website links to your network company are following. AlintaCitipower; Powercor; SP AusNet; United Energy


What is GreenPower or Renewable Energy?

Electricity cannot be stored in large quantities so nationally, demand must equal production. Each megawatt of electricity consumed must be matched by a corresponding amount of electricity fed into the grid by a generator.When you buy ‘green energy’ it ensures that the electricity you consume is generated from a renewable source not from coal fired ‘black energy’ generators. In a nutshell, every megawatt of ‘green energy’ consumed means one less megawatt of ‘black energy’ is produced.Without GreenPower, the energy you purchase is replaced with electricity generated from fossil fuels. All renewable energy offered by Neighbourhood Energy is fully accredited by the Victorian Government. This accreditation provides assurance that the renewable energy purchased will not only decrease greenhouse pollution but actively contribute to the development of a renewable energy industry in Australia. Learn more about GreenPower.


Why do I pay more for 100% Accredited GreenPower?

To qualify as Accredited GreenPower, electricity must be sourced from generators built after 1997 so they comply with stringent environmental standards. This also ensures that every dollar you spend on 100% Accredited GreenPower is invested back into the development and building of new generators producing energy from renewable sources. Unlike non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and oil, renewable energy is easily replenished. It creates far less carbon emissions which are the major source of climate change. Currently 100% Accredited GreenPower is more expensive to produce than coal or gas fired power. However with more customers choosing GreenPower the industry will continue to grow h2er making renewable energy cheaper.


If I switch to GreenLight 100% Accredited GreenPower, will I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?

The average family who has switched to 100% Accredited GreenPower will reduce their annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately seven tonnes – equivalent to taking almost two cars off the road.


What if I have difficulty paying my bill?

As a provider of an essential service, we want all our customers to have access to a reliable electricity supply. If you are willing to fulfil your contractual obligations but are experiencing financial hardship please contact us immediately and we can talk to you about payment options. Download our Financial Hardship Policy or phone us on 1300 764 860.


What about pensions and concessions?

We provide the government prescribed rebates to eligible pension and concession card holders.


Customer Charter and Terms and Conditions

Our Customer Charter and Standard Terms and Conditions contain both your and our obligations under the contract as governed by the appropriate legislation and rules. These documents explain in detail the rights and obligations we have as your electricity retailer, and you have as our customer.


What about privacy?

We take our commitment to customer privacy very seriously. You can download a copy of our Privacy Policy to read or contact us on 1300 764 860 if you have any questions.


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